Game Drives (Moremi Game Reserve)

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Although there are some wet camps within the Moremi Reserve, game drives tend to dominate the activity list for most accommodations, whether you are in the Mopane Tongue or on Chief’s Island. All of the Big 5 can be found within the Moremi’s varied habitats, and game drives still represent the best possible chance of getting close to the broadest range of animals. Extended game drives with top guides are almost always included in your safari, especially when staying at the more coveted camps with the best guides. It’s usually an early start for breakfast before setting off on a drive as the sun slowly rises: a cool but utterly enchanting time to be on the road, as the bush slowly wakes up and wildlife emerges to face the day. There are frequent stops to view animals, learn about the flora and fauna from your guide, take photographs and enjoy refreshments.

Unfortunately, park restrictions mean that off-road driving and night drives are not permitted within the Moremi, so you will be following a well-trodden network of routes and will probably see other vehicles, unless you are in a private area within the reserve such as Xigera or Mombo. However, this makes the guides even more determined to fit in as much wildlife as possible during daylight hours, so get ready for an impressive parade of animals!

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