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One of the most popular excursions for Makgadikgadi visitors of all ages is the encounter with meerkat colonies that live on the expansive desert grasslands. Guests at the three Uncharted Africa camps will always get a meerkat activity included in their stay, whether as part of a game drive or a guided nature walk. These curious animals really do interact expressively with people, especially as they have now become relatively accustomed to visits from smitten, snap happy tourists. The relationships between individuals within a colony is always amusing, with these incredibly social animals abiding by a very strict and visible hierarchy. They love to climb termite mounds to survey the desert horizons for friend or foe, but if there is not one around, don’t be surprised to find a meerkat climbing onto your head or shoulder as an alternative vantage point! For various reasons the public regard for meerkats has never been higher, but this experience portrays them in their pristine natural environment, struggling for survival with infinite humour and character in the harsh Kalahari.

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