Quad Biking

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The flat, endless horizons of the great desert saltpans are absolutely ideal for quad biking, with a hypnotic quality to lengthy drives in landscapes that change very little as the miles tick by. The Uncharted Africa camps use environmentally sound bikes and travel in convoy to minimise any impact on the pristine wilderness of the area, so you needn’t worry about the footprint you are leaving behind. Amidst the vast tracts of nothingness, you will pass fossils, tree islands and little pockets of wildlife, all standing out for miles on the quiet earth.

Excursions of a few hours are possible, or during the dry season you might plump for a full comprehensive overnight activity, which ends at Kubu Island, a sensational granite oasis studded with baobab trees, literally in the middle of nowhere. Camp is set up on the island and interesting sites within the area can be visited on the afternoon of arrival or the following morning. These include an ancient defence fortification, a beach where the Zambezi once flowed into the pans and a breeding site for greater and lesser flamingos. Whether you choose this longer expedition or just a few hours in the saddle, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on quad biking the pans.

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