Bushman Interaction

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All of the Central Kalahari camps we recommend offer outstanding Bushman activities. Guests can interact with the unique San-Bushman people and learn more about their customs, history and challenges. The San Bushmen are an indigenous Southern African people whose territory has traditionally spanned numerous countries, mainly concentrated in the Kalahari areas of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Their self-sufficient lifestyles were unchanged for centuries, surviving amidst the harshest desert conditions until a gradual incorporation of farming in the mid-20th century, meaning their communities have been of endless fascination to anthropologists. Bushman excursions combine nature walks with the opportunity to learn about their culture, history and relationship with the desert. Many staff at these camps are Bushman people, with guides who will explain survival techniques, language, family units, hunting, tracking, traditional dress and social mores.

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