Walking Safaris (Linyanti Wetlands)

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Walking safaris are offered from most of the camps in the Linyanti concessions, although they tend to be seasonal. At certain times of the year, areas around camps can be too waterlogged to permit walks of any length, and the concentration of elephants and predators can be too dense at times to guarantee safety on walks. When the time is right though, relatively short strolls in areas close to camps, or where vehicles are parked during game drives, can offer a special, intimate engagement with the bush. Walks will tend to be conducted with a specialist guide and an armed scout, walking at either side of a single-file train, should the close encounters with big game become a little too close for comfort!

The best walks are a detailed exploration of the bush: the alarm calls of the various antelope as you approach; the scat and tracks of each animal, which you will be something of an expert in by the end of your walk; the unique smells of the Bush flora; and the unmatched, goosebump inducing thrill of realising that you are suddenly close to elephant, lion or buffalo on foot, utterly reliant on the wits and expertise of others. One of the best walking options is the Footsteps Across the Linyanti programme, but there are other camps that can offer genuine excitement on foot!

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