Abu Elephant Programme

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Stays at Abu Camp offer an utterly unique opportunity to interact closely with African elephants in their natural habitat. Abu has a resident elephant herd that stays within an enclosure overnight but are integrally involved in activities during the day. Guests at camp meet the herd soon after arrival and will learn all about their behaviour, conservation issues and the history of the Abu project from on-site experts over the course of their stay.

Activities with the playful pachyderms include elephant back safaris into the bush, where other animals will be unaware of human presence and allow the elephants to get incredibly close. Guests can also walk alongside the elephants as they make their imperious way through the woodland and plains of the concession. Other possibilities include the chance to bathe, train and administer veterinary care to the elephants and search for some of the individuals who have successfully been reintroduced to the wild with GPS collars, the very raison d’etre of the whole operation. A stay at Abu doesn’t come cheaply, but it is an utterly unforgettable experience that is also ideal for families and younger guests.

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