Fishing (Okavango Delta)

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An increasing number of Delta camps offer fishing excursions, usually combined with a relaxing boat cruise. Abundant species in the Okavango include catfish, tigerfish and bream, and it is almost certain that your camp will enforce a catch and release policy. It is the enjoyment of the endeavour and the beautiful habitat that is the focus though, rather than an intense expedition to catch as many fish as possible and feed the camp that night! Beginners are welcome to try their hand, and while longer expeditions can usually be tailored for keen anglers, the more dedicated fishing destinations of the Caprivi Strip and the Panhandle are probably more suitable for experts.

High water levels are generally required and equipment provision can range from the rudimentary to the top of the range, but it will be more than adequate for a taster of fishing the waters of the Delta. Dedicated itineraries are available for serious fishermen, but as we are not experts we would generally recommend just trying a relaxing afternoon sampler session mingled amongst your other game viewing activities at one of the permanent camps.

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