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A mokoro is essentially a dugout canoe, traditionally carved from indigenous tree sources but now more likely to be a sturdier affair constructed from fibre glass. The narrow channels of the Delta, with their decorative papyrus, reeds and water lilies, are tailor made for travelling by mokoro, which was historically the most practical way for people to traverse such wetland areas. Today a mokoro excursion from a Delta camp is a relaxing affair with no exertion required, generally involving a maximum of two passengers per mokoro and one poler, who propels the vessel in much the same way you would punt on a still river.

This is not a guaranteed big game viewing excursion, although you will come across plenty of hippo, water birds and some swamp based antelope such as red lechwe and puku. It is more about experiencing the pristine beauty and serenity of the waterways, with more time to notice the little things such as verdant flora, birdsong and tiny amphibians and insects. Not all of the camps can operate mokoro excursions, particularly in dry concessions when water levels are low, but during high water camps such as Kanana, Jao and Xaranna are perfectly situated for the best mokoro trips anywhere on the continent.

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